We are currently facilitating community screenings across the country. If you are interested in hosting one, here is what to do!


If you are an organization dedicated to immigration reform, university club or department, interest group, concerned citizen, professor, teacher, organizer, law-maker, lawyer…anyone dedicated to getting this story talked about on a local level  - you know who you are and we need you!


We ask that organizations/individuals coordinate their own locations for the screenings.

Q&A with Filmmakers and/or panels

Our goal is to get people talking about and acting around this issue. Depending on availability and screening size, we have a number of panelists who can attend screenings.

We suggest leaving a minimum of 30 minutes after the film screening for Q&A and panel discussions.

Screening Materials

There are two versions of “Deputized” available for screenings. A 59 minute censored version and the 86 minute uncensored version. Both are available for purchase on our website.  Upon request, we will provide you with promotional materials (digital) for you to print, at no cost to you.

You can download relevant studies, articles, film information on and our discussion guide for the film on our RESOURCES page, as well as the below screening resources:

  1.  Deputized One Sheet
  2.  DeputizedScreeningInfoFlyer

We’re a small, dedicated team and rely on like-minded individuals to create change by organizing around the film and the topics it espouses. 

Sign up if you’d like to host a screening and we’ll be in touch!


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